Analyze data

We are happy to calculate the Hierarchical Interaction Score (HIS) for you.
To start the process, please upload a .txt or .csv file with your data in comma separated values.

We will treat all uploaded data anonymously. If you want, annotation labels can be ommitted to ensure that we can not do anything with your data (see below for examples).

For this website we strongly recommend using chrome logoGoogle's Chrome browser to view the network results.

Need example data? Try the Human GenomeRNAi dataset.

Add files...

Your previous HIS results

Press "Add files...", select the files to upload, and press "Start upload". When the file upload is complete, mark with the checkbox the files you want to analyze, and press the "Analyze" button.

Accepted file formats

The file must be a .csv or .txt file that contains comma-separated values with your data. The first column may contain a unique text-label for each row, and in subsequent columns the numerical data belonging to that row. Column-headers on the first row are optional and will be ignored if present. Any other non-numerical data will be ignored.
Example data:
example input

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